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Coloration: White with hazel eyes

Dyed fur color: green



Anya is a pure white unicorn from the town of Decorobellia, much like Myrle and Celery. Ponies from her town often dyed their coats in patterns to distingish themselves from another and to show off their creativity and beauty. It is also a common sight in her hometown for mares to never cut their manes as it is a sign of dignity and grace to see their flowing manes and tails well kept and trailing behind them. Anya's cutie mark is a plachette, or the piece of an Oujia board that selects the letters.

Anya is quite talanted at spirit channeling, able to pull and sense spirits. She can act as a medium for dead beings, although th longer they are dead, the harder it gets. Usually she will request items formerly owned by the desceased. As a result of her channeling, however, she has developed multiple personalities which switch control rapidly. She and her family line have a close relation to fairyfloss, one of the gods of her town, who is also the gaurdian of spirits. She apparently left home because she was "bored."


Anya (for now) has four distinct personalities. They were dead ponies that decided to stick with her after especially good channelings (or got stuck). When she speaks they rapidly switch control, usually based on the situation, but sometimes not.

True Anya\

This is how Anya really is. She is curious but straight forward, often stating the obvious. She talks normally. Suprisingly she is not seen as much. She does love stories.

"This descrition is utterly lacking.".

Cheery Anya (Tiana)

This Anya is fun loving, excited, and at times seductive. She is basically a "Party Pony," but not to the extent of Pinkie Pie. She repaces all punctuation with tildas when she speaks to show her excitement.

"So~ She talks like this~ Cool~ Huh~"

Angry Anya (Serah)

This Anya is annoyed easily and acts rashly. She has no patience, and will often call people "Idjits," or idiots, that is just how she says it. She yells, but does not realize it.


Nervous Anya(Beryl)

This Anya speaks slowly and heasatintly. She behaves much like Fluttershy, but without the moments of bravery. It is quite a surprise this personality comes out at all.

"I... Dont... Know... What... To... Say..."


  • Most RPs written with this character are in 3rd person.
  • She changes personality by post, she will not change while speaking a sentence or the like.