Based off of the game "Portal", Aperture Science is a labratory for the forced examination/experimentation of living beings, and how they would be affected by working with quantum portals ["portals" or "space holes"] These experiments are often conducted by subjecting test specimens to various puzzles.

Known CharactersEdit

  • GLaDOS - Some form of overseer [after Portal's character of the same name] Now manifested as a pony.
  • P-Ony - A form of robotic like earth pony. [after Portal's character with the name P-body] Usually can be seen with another robotic earth pony, Atlas
  • Wheatley - A relatively stable AI core, he was put into the Ponyville town hall and was responsible for The Time Skip
  • Atlas - A form of robotic like earth pony. [after Portal's Character with the same name] Usually can be seen with another robotic earth pony, P-Ony

The 3 coresEdit

Recently, various cores have been appearing in and around Ponyville. After some researchers went to the Aperture Science world, they found it was like new since they last saw it. They talked to the overseer and apparently there used to be 3 cores attached to the overseer. She described some of them by name and some facts of them

Space coreEdit

This core is apparently obceced with space. After looking around and talking to other ponies, most told they did not know of one Space core. But apparently after talking with Nightmare moon she said she knew him and that he had turned into a Alicorn. But he went back into space still as an Alicorn. His state is of deceased. No further research is needed until further notice.

Adventure coreEdit

This core is addicted to adventures. He calls himself Rick. He was seen outside of ponyville and in the square. His state is of alive. Further research needed as updates come

Fact coreEdit

This core only talks about facts. Recently seen in ponyville. Current status dead. Killed by a paradox caused by the adventure core. No further research needed until further notice.