Fial here. I'm gonna try and leave my record of the damn Cyberpony Incident.

Was a normal day, mostly. Cold, that I remember. Damn cold. Then Cloudkicker had a "fantastic" idea. Why not play a prank on little ol' Puck? Only in good fun, after all. I admit, it was a good plan, but the cloud that was picked...Way too saturated with negative energy. The damn thing messed with Puck, and then...he came. The Program. A loyal servant of PLU, he was bent on creating the perfect system, which was fine, on the Grid. But it didn't hold up in Equestria.

Now, when I first saw all this stuff happening, I couldn't believe it. A program? Here? Preposterous. But then it started spiraling out of control, when Frost came in..Damn fool, he had to let "him" take control, nearly got us all killed. Close call, too. But the bastard got in a few good shots. Haven't been hit like that in a while.. Atticus and Dark had a good plan, first running off my attempt, in which I reminded him of Carrot Top. Almost worked, too. Of course, then I was attacked, so y'know, that told me something. Cold, cold. Tried to appeal to its logic, seeing as I've been on the Grid, handled its kind before. Didn't work... But the more and more Atticus and Dark insulted Carrot Top, cracks began appearing in the damn thing's armor. Eventually, it made a desperate move, and tried to kill Puck, and take an Element of Dischord as a host.

Y'know, I'm low on time, okay. So excuse me if this is really condensed. I saw my chance, though. Tackled the fool, and implemented the deresolution command: Code Violet Alpha. Damn, gotta go. I'll just...well, this manuscript'll be useful to somepony, right?