Chip wakes up in a small forest area. He sits and ponders what could have happened to him. As he sits, a small voice startles him. Upon closer inspection, he finds that he is being spoken to by a tree. Acknowledging that it is an illogical course of action and lacking further options, he questions the tree, which introduces itself as Fluttershy. Now thoroughly convinced he is insane, Chip questions the "Fluttertree" further, revealing that he is in another universe, different to his own. This proves to be the final straw as Chip angrily decries the Fluttertree as a simple trick of the mind, demanding proof of the ridiculous claim. He then gets his proof as he falls over a small rock and through the portal again. Re-entering the alternate universe, Chip apologizes for his behaviour and asks if it is normal, in this world, to be a tree. The Fluttertree merrily explains that she was transformed by Princess Celestia as a "reward", leading Chip to conclude that this counterpart of Celestia must be corrupt, explaining as much to the Fluttertree, who strongly disagrees. Chip then returns home, saying he'll return later.

Major EventsEdit

Minor EventsEdit

  • The first alternate universe is seen for the first time.