After the death of Greed, life was just about returning to normal. The effects of Greed's "deals" had been reversed after his demise and Fial was hoping for a chance at a normal life, instead of being a "weirdness magnet". Around this moment, An unexpected visitor arrived at the scene. Envy, the next Dischord Elemental, demanded to know where his brother was. Envy learned of Greed's death and immediately tried to continue his predecessor's mission. Envy proved to be worse than Greed, going as far as to threaten Princess Luna and break her horn with his own voodoo magic. When asked what he wanted, Envy simply responded that he wanted whatever he couldn't have, especially if others had it. Eventually, Envy grew hungry from the lack of jealousy around him, causing his voodoo to backfire and drag him screaming beneath the ground. Rapidly fading, Envy had a brief struggle with Dark Core over his crystal, before finally dying of hunger

Major EventsEdit

  • Envy was introduced.

Minor EventsEdit

  • Frostbite Puck and Mewzs headed off to Fillydelphia for undisclosed reasons.