Chip III photo

Chip III with a hat that isn't quite his trilby, but similar.

Shetland Darwin "Chip" Holmes III is a young pegasus and the lone grandson of Shetland Holmes, Equestria's greatest detective. He has an affected, upper-class British accent and a trilby (Sort-Of Pictured). At first, Chip was the only character besides Puck in the Dischord Disaster project, but then many other ponies joined the fray and the rest is history. Nopony knows where the nickname "Chip" comes from, and he prefers not to speak of it. His mental faculty is, or at least was, his only pride. He has a daughter named Marian.

Things Go DownhillEdit

Soon after the first Dischord incursion (with Greed), Chip developed an addiction to Poison Joke. He believed that what didn't kill him, he could benefit from. Chip went as far as to consume the Poison Joke to guarantee an effect. It caused his IQ to drop severely, making him a male version of Derpy, and also deepened his voice a little (Think Sloth from the Goonies or something). Another effect was to make Chip want to force feed everypony Poison Joke, which he has been known to do. In his Joked-up state, Chip loses a lot of knowledge, for example becoming incapable of answering simple math questions and having the vocabulary and maturity of a six year old colt.

Known FamilyEdit

  • Marian "Chip" Shetland IV (Daughter)
  • "Liquid" Greene (Brother)
  • Shetland Holmes I and II (Grandfather and Father, respectively)
  • Over Cast (Mother, deceased)