Desert Desmond Roseluck
Rose Thumb 3


Earth pony


Pale green


Red with a pink streak



Cutie mark

A rose



Desert "Dezzie Rose" Desmond Roseluck is an earth pony living in Ponyville. She is an avid fan of coffee, especially white chocolate caramel lattes with extra foam. Dezzie is mostly known to experiment with herbs and the reversed DNA of Poison Joke, which can sometimes wreck havoc on herself. She is a botanist and herbalist currently living in Ponyville, and is usually seen hanging around the guards.


Dezzie is usually helpful and friendly. Her two favorite things are coffee, flowers, and rock music. Sometimes, her extensive research and experiments can backfire onto her and cause some odd side effects like Language Lock (setting the brain to a foreign language so the affected user cannot communicate in English) or a completely altered nonchalant rocker personality. Overall, she is quite nice.


Dezzie is known to have many skills, including speed talking, black belt in Judo, playing the electric guitar, painting, growing flowers, making oils, ikebana (flower arranging), Ninjutsu, singing, running, flying, and teleporting, among many others.


She grew up in downtown Manehattan, gaining a slight city accent and a love for rock music and coffee, but she especially enjoyed a rosebush she kept in the corner of her parent's apartment. When her mother lost her job, Dezzie cut the flowers on her rosebush off and sold them on the street corners, eventually earning enough money to keep her family up until her mother found another job, and earning her cutie mark, a red rose. She grew to enjoy flowers so much, she moved to Ponyville and opened up a flower shop with the help of her new friends, Daisy and Lily.


When Daisy and Lily were out on official business, Dezzie was at the shop, experimenting with her new theory that all ponies (not only unicorns) have magic. In the process of making a tonic that would release the magic for earth pony use, she was hit by several thousand volts of electricity, speeding her heart rate to a dangerous pace. She tried in vain to save herself by drinking the unsaturated and unstable potion. It released her magic in a deadly blast through her hair and eyes, throwing her into a suspended cloud of her own magic, suspending her in it in midair and filling the room with pure magic, and surrounding the entire shop in an unbreakable forcefield. This blast of magic placed her in an eternal sleep, called stasis. When her friends came home, there was nothing they could do. They tried in vain anyway, the forcefield placing them in suspended stasis as well. There was nothing nopony could do, and all three were placed in an indefinite sleep, "Both alive and dead until somepony breaks the forcefield".