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The title screen shows the Elements in their dark glory.


The Elements of Dischord are evil variants of the Elements of Harmony, which enhance the negative emotions of any living thing that comes into contact with them. They were once sealed in an alternate universe, however they are now spreading their influence due to "unforeseen complications". They also give any infected pony enhanced strength, speed and magical abilities, at the cost of the wielder's self-control.

Known Wielders of the Elements of DischordEdit

  • Soria (manifestation)


The Elements of Dischord are able to create illusions in order to further their ambiguous goals. The first known manifestation was the Element of Lust, which created a mysterious pony called Soria in order to lead a prisoner named Frost Flow into a trap. When Frost Flow rejected her, Soria exploded, destroying the Element of Lust.

It seems the only way to destroy a manifestation is to show it a positive emotion related to its Element. For example, Greed was defeated by Fialvert's selfless actions, as he was incapable of understanding them.