Frost Bite
Frobite base


Frost Bite





Cutie Mark

Crossed Swords and a Eclipse-like emblem




White furred, blue and yellow stripped hair.


Frostbite Puck is a Pegasus pony who currently resides in the kingdom of Canterlot. Born and raised in Port Saddleow, he comes from a large family background of Ice Hockey playing ponies. However, even though he was naturally skilled at being an ice hockey player, one time on the way home from practice at the young age of 13, he seen a mugging in progress. He quickly jumped into action attempting to fend of the 2 attackers but to no avail…however, a royal guard soon appeared and together they fought to protect the filly under attack. This royal guard turned out to be the head officer of the Equestrian Military asked him to come back to the castle with him and learn the ways of the guard and become part of the military. He explained to his parents what had happened but they refused to let him go…insisting he must follow in his family’s footsteps and continue the hockey tradition. Frostbite was heartbroken, he just had a feeling this was calling. So, he told his parents that he wanted to go and they could not stop him. They agreed to let him leave but told him not to come back until after he realised the mistake he was making…after this showdown with his parents, his cutie mark appeared. He had been playing hockey with years but he didn’t get a cutie mark. The fact that his cutie mark appeared because of this showdown-he knew he was making the correct decision by leaving home. His cutie-mark was obvious…except for one thing. 2 crossing swords but there was also a strange emblem in the background. Frostbite didn’t have a clue what it was supposed to represent, but he had a feeling he would soon. Frostbite soon made a name for himself at training camp, rather infamously. On close-perimeter duty, he was on hard-watch of Celestia and was outside her dorm. On his basic training before being given this job he was told by his chief that” If you ever hear the princess scream…you get the HELL in there” One evening, he heard the princess screaming and burst in the room…only to see it was the princess taking a shower, and the water was too cold. He tried to avert his eyes and ended up slipping knocking himself unconscious. Ever since that day he has been playfully referred to as “Frostbite Perv” by the other lower class guards.


After the death of Mewzs, Frostbite quit his job as a royal guard.


A humble, ditzy pony, Frostbite is an honest, good pony that is always up for helping his friends.