Jacob Rogers

Jacob is a 14 year old pony. He has a lot of random knoledge that he can draw on at his whim. He is fasinated by psycology and all forms of science and linguistics and frequently carries around a black ledger in which he takes notes. His favorite pass time is killing the small and furry. His definition of 'Pass Time' is 'What I do when I'm not working.' and defines worrking as 'Intera- er..., talking to ponies or doing reaserch.' He has a vast diversity of moods, all of which are extreme. When he doesn't seem to be in an extreame mood he says he's 'In the zone.


Jacob has a very strong willed yet unstable personality. He is quick to anger, and almost every emotion in general, but can ignore things if he really wants to.


He usually carries two saddle bags, two thermoses, a black ledger, his ring, his pet rock Euphimus, a paper clip, lockpicks, C-Rations, a towel, a Kindle 2, a set of dice made from the bones of an elk he slayed, and a medium sized quantaty of stainless steel d4s sharpened to points on all veticies.


He is a thrice regenerated lich, an artifacter, and a necromancer. He also has many attributes of a rouge, but those arn't really powers. He also has a Psy-Ring which has the power to do numerous telepathic and psycokenetic feats.


  • Lockpicking
  • Stealth
  • Thevery
  • Lying
  • Recursing


  • This char is /Litterally/ his creator, in every way minus the 'Powers' section.