Dark Orange

Cutie mark

2 circles with an "up arrow" going through them


Helps out as a "lie detector" i the courts if called




An average-looking stallion, until you look at his eyes, which are extremly pale blue. This is because he is blind. He will sometimes be wearing armor from 122 years in the future (ala Fallout). His visor (which he does not wear often, he does not like having sight, it prevents his aura powers [discussed later]) lets him see.

He tries to be fair to everyone, and does try to keep people happy. For a blind pony, he is very curious (probably because of his past). He can be serious if he wants to be, however.

He haas a tendency to crash into doors.


Although his talent was origionally thought to be just teleporting, he has recently learned he can use Astral Magic by affecting Auras and Teleporting out of his body. He can forcibly teleport others without having to touch them, although for now he has to *cough* "see" them.

He can see and read auras very adeptly, although when he has his visor on, he is not able to see them.

Astral Magic: Dreamwalking - He teleports out of his body into a subject's dream. His body collapses on the floor and looks asleep. Astral Marionette - He uses the target's aura to control them. He can make them move certain parts of thier body, or he can use thier senses to sense what they sense Aura Trace - A new power, he can use a personal item to track somepony's location. It shoots out a line colored in thier aura to that person. Does not work if the person is not giving off an aura (ie. Dead.)


He was bullied and an outcast at school because of his blindness. It was one day when he was getting bullied that he learned of his teleportation skill. Refining this, he also began to develop his aurasight. However, he was never allowed to do anything, his parents too overprotective. He finally ran away, and has never looked back.

At some point, he found his job in the courts, and then decided to move to Ponyville.


When entering Ponyville, he wandered around, until he came into possession of the Element of Laughter. Soon after, he met Sarah "Crackshot" McKinnian, who in his opinion had the best aura he had ever seen. He fought off Lust and Gluttony after they poisoned her with the Plauge using Project P. He killed Gluttony, teleported Progect P to the Sun, then magicsploded trying to teleport the plauge out of Sarah. He succeded, but the remains of Project P stole his Element Crystal.

A little while after that, he and Sarah began to date. In a later fight, he also learned that his Element was still there, just the Crystal was gone. After going to the future and aquiring his new armor, he saw Sarah (not just her aura) for the first time, and the next day proposed.