I am Onixus. I am over 1000 years old and was born a Daemorph in Shiknov, Keendu. I was raised by the Keendu Militia and taught the ways of combat. When I was 20 I left my town as per the custom and went to the Shiknov University of Medical Sciences, the most prestigeous Med School in that world. From there I graduated top of my class and recived my MD as well as a PhD in Anatomic Deduction. I was institutionalized after murdering an entire villige for fun, I escaped and, After a few years of experimenting with a glorshnof, I was transported to a desert and transformed into a pony version of myself. I wandered through the desert and met Axiom. She was the most perfect being I have ever met. So much so I was afraid of her and promptly fled. I traveled through the land, I now knew as Equestria, looking for someway to redeem my past life of destruction. After 300 more years I met Axiom again and actually talked to her and took her to dinner, well I tried to but apperently rosted cat livers isn't the pallet of most ponies. About three years later we were engaged and then married. We lived happily for about 500 more years, we had three kids Entropy, Sekorov, and George. We were so happy together until the Frost came and chilled Axiom's soul, she went insane and killed her brother and tried to kill our sons, I prevented her from doing so, sustaining hevey scaring to my chest, and, with a heavy heart, banished her to the Cupcake Demension. After those events I left my sons, the youngest of which was 20, and became mad with the idea that I could remake my wife if I could make the perfect mare. About 10 years later I had a vision, Fial againsed a wall, Jane to head, Iak to throught, Black darkness. I went into Ponyville to tell them what I thought it ment, I was rejected but I noticed in the mind of Fial was a young filly, almost perfect. Only needing a few... modifications. and so I put my plan into motion. Foalnapped Cass and outfitted her with my perfection. I was nearly finished when the Frost returned and claimed another member of my family... me.