The Imperial Guard [know as the "Royal Guard"] serve as Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's private bodyguards and advisors. Usually pooled from the Town Guard, noble families, or loyal orphans trained from childhood. They are color co-ordinated and are expected to live up to a code of conduct for both manners and appearence. Race usually plays into their status quo. All Pegesi in the Royal Guard are white. All Earth-Ponies in the Royal Guard are grey. All Unicorns in the royal guard are dark brown. They all have the power to arrest.


From highest to lowest:

  • Advisor [No longer considered a Guard at this point]
  • Body Guard
  • Escort Guard
  • Praetorian Guard
  • Recruit [Not yet considered a Royal Guard]



Suggests ideas and policies to the royality. Usually an older Noblepony. And will protect the royality should Canterlot ever be under attack.

Body GuardEdit

Protects the royality at all costs. They are responsable for royality's security at all times. [They're rank is comparable to the Town Guard's Centurion, but they are allowed to supercede Centurions orders for the protection of the royality.]

Escort GuardEdit

Protects royality when they are out of Canterlot. [They are considered to be ranked at the same level as the Town Guard's Lieutenant.]

Praetorian GuardEdit

Garrisons Canterlot and are sometimes stationed in outlying cities. They are expected to serve as the Royalities personal army/secuirty force. They will also perform duties of a Town Guard, but are expected to answer to a town's Centurion, rather than a Sergeant.


Still a guard-in-training. They do not have the power to arrest.