Sloth doing what she does best: Being lazy.

Sloth is one of the latest Elements of Dischord to appear, though she missed the war and thus feels that there is no need to fight with anypony. Alongside Envy, Sloth is trying to repair the Elements' social standing as a minority. She frequently falls asleep at random times, often whilst standing up. Strangely, she is capable of "consuming" cutie marks, causing the ponies affected to become too lazy to do anything. She continues to do this, though has failed on multiple occasions, such as being beaten and imprisoned in a crystal by Atticus

Confused Destroyer of WorldsEdit

Sloth was once the ace up the EoD's sleeve, often going in and consuming cutie marks, so that the ponies of the other worlds would be too lazy to resist the onslaught. However, she thought that she was being sent on business trips and immediately tried to rebel when she learned the truth. As a result, Sloth was trapped in a patch of Black Crystals.