The Death of MewzsEdit

As reported by Frostflow , Mewzs was seen in the water. He then went under. Frost Flow then dove in to attempt to save him. He was, however, too late. Mewzs had intook to much water, which caused respitory arrest, which caused death. He quickly reported it as a murder.

The InvestigationEdit

At first, the death was deemed an accidental drowning. However, after pressing from Frost Bite the town guard launched an investigation. Headed up by Atticus, evidence on Mewzs body showed that there were signs of a struggle, and the possibility that he was dragged underwater. The town was placed under lockdown.

The HairEdit

After orange hair was found in an abrasion. Twilight assumed one of the town's new comers must have murdered Mewzs. However, the morgue reported that the hair's follicle [mass of cells at the bottom of a hair] had not swelled, indicating that the hair was not under water for long [the hair was in an abrasion, and underwater long enough for a drowning occur.] Suspectively, the hair was assumed to be planted.