The Ponyville Magic Incident occured on May 1, 2011 in Ponyville, Equestria. It involved three earth ponies, Desmond Roseluck, Liliana White, and Daisy Greene. It was caused by a tonic-gone-wrong and ended up placing all three in an indefinite stasis inside their own Flower Shop, covered by a near-unbreakable forcefield. The three trapped earth ponies were considered to be "Both alive and dead until somepony opens the shop".


Ponyville Times Newspaper Report:Edit
On the morning of May 1, 2011, Liliana White and Daisy Greene, two earth ponies running the nearby Ponyville Flower Shop, left for Manehattan on important business, leaving their close friend Desmond Roseluck at the shop. Desmond was known for her many experiments with magic and herbs, and she was working on a potion "to release the hidden magic of earth ponies". The potion was still in its first run that morning.Edit
Sources have told us that Desmond stopped working with the potion briefly to fix an electrical appliance. In the process, she came in contact with a live wire and was hit with several hundred volts of electricity. Trying in vain to save herself from atrial fibrilliation, she drank the dangerous, unstable, and unsaturated potion, which released a deadly blast of magic from herself. The intense blast of magic is rumored to have filled the entire shop, encasing it in an impenetrable forcefield, trapping the young mare inside. An hour later, Liliana and Daisy rushed to the shop when they were informed of the news. Despite warning, they both rushed in to save their friend. They never came out of the building. Nothing could be done to save the three fillies now trapped indefinetly inside.Edit


As for now, Dezzie, Daizy, and Lily are in stasis. More is to come.