Dishonesty 2

Three Operators, in their default Human forms. From left to right; Hell0, G00dbye, and Natta.


The Tourists are a trio of shapeshifting dimensional travellers, attracted to Ponyville by the Elements of Dischord.Their default forms are three humans, apparently Japanese, who appear as if photographed in black and white, with the only colours on their bodies being their names, written in bright pink neon on their bodies. They are also able to act in a similar manner to a phone, throwing the voices of themselves and others to the location of their choice. According to them, before they came to Ponyville they started a band called DISHONESTY, of which the aforementioned Element was the focus of many of their songs.

Tourist LanguageEdit

The Operators have developed an odd language. Their speech includes various slang terms from their world, making them hard to understand at times. Operator Language often employs random Leetspeak. (Especially in names, evidenced by Hell0 and G00dbye)

The Tourists ThemselvesEdit


Hell0 is the first of the Operators. He met the others during an air raid (there was a war at the time) in an abandoned shelter. He is often loud and abusive to the others, even though he cares about them and will defend them to the death.


G00dbye is the second and the "bad boy" archetype of the Operators. Sometime after they met, G00dbye found that despite Hell0's faults, he was good company to keep. He is obsessed with women, fast cars and danger. In fact, there was apparently an incident in which he tried to impress a group of female college students by riding a motorcycle up an escalator whilst juggling seven live grenades and whistling the tune of "Good King Wenceslas". He survived, but has not given up his old womanizing ways.


Natta is the shy, quiet Operator. He is often bullied by the others, though he still keeps around them for protection. He is treated by G00dbye as a sort of servant, being tasked with all the hard work and manual labour. Hell0 treats Natta with a little more dignity and lets him have a say in the group.