The Equestrian Guard [known as the "Town Guard"] is a police force comprised of Earth-Ponies. It is their job to watch over their respective towns and ensure basic protection from both domestic problems aswell as foriegn ones. They have the power to arrest on reasonable suspection.
Atticus Battlegarb

Atticus in the standard issue armor of a town guard. [Except the helmet]


Rankings [in order of highest to lowest]

  • Legate* [Oversees all Cenutrions and their respective forces] [Red and white plume]
  • Centurion ("Captain of the Guard") [Oversees a garrison at a given town.] [Red Plume]
  • Lieutenant [Oversees three Sergeant's and they're respective squads] [Green plume]
  • Sergeant [Oversees five guards] [Black plume]
  • Guard [No plume on helmet]
  • The Legate is a single pony, and power's are superceded by a Royal Guard Advisor.



To oversee all town guards through their respective officers. Also serves as a major advisor to the royality in times of crisis.


Responsable for all guards in the town they are assigned to, also takes responsability for any problems that occur because of the guards, or lack of their abilties. They can call an emergency evacuation or mobilization. Also responsable for looking over royal guards stationed in town. Still expected to patrol regularly and perform guard duties. Will serve as advisors to the mayor and to the royality should a crisis occur. Also allowed to serve as a defense attourney in the court of law.


Responsable for failures caused by Sergeants. Oversees training for new recruits. Fills out paper work for recruitment, aswell as offical records . Expected to patrol and perform guard duties.


Responsable for all guard under their command, expected to enforce codes of conduct. Expected to lead patrols and perform regular guard duties. In times of crisis are expected to oversee evacutation/mobilization.


Keeps lookout for towns, watches streets for crime. Arrests criminals. Expected to serve as a milita incase of mobilization. Patrols town every hour or so.